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BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

The BYOD Program requires all students in Year 7-12 to bring their own computing device to school each day.



1. Are students required to bring a computing device to school? 

Yes, all students in Years 7-12 are required to bring their device to school. 

2. Who is responsible for my computing device if I bring it to school? 

Students are responsible for their device at all times.

3. What will happen if I use the device inappropriately?

The consequences of any breaches of this policy will be determined by the principal, in accordance with the school’s welfare and discipline policies. The student device is intended as a personal learning tool. 

4. I can’t get my device to connect to the network. Can I get some help from someone?

The technicians in the Computing Staffroom located in A block will be able to assist you with this before school as well as during recess and lunch.

5. I need to print the assignment I just completed; will I be able to do this? 

Students will not have the capacity to print from their BYO device. School computers can be used for printing purposes.

6. Do I need to buy a new device, or will an existing one be OK? 

Any device is fine, as long as it meets the requirements outlined in the minimum specifications document.

7. Will the Students have access to the same software as the school computers?

Devices must have software or apps that allow for:

  • Internet browsing
  • Note taking (OneNote recommended)
  • Word processing
  • Creating spreadsheets
  • Creating presentation

Students can download Office 365 and Adobe Creative Suite for free by installing and signing in with their education account.

8. Who is responsible for any repairs or updating of personal computing devices?

Families who own the personal computing device will be responsible for organising repairs and updates.

9. Who is responsible for damage, loss, or theft of devices your child brings to school?

Devices are the sole responsibility of the student. CHHS accepts no responsibility for the security or safety of the device.


BYOD Policy

Castle Hill High School's policy guidelines on the BYOD Program.

BYOD Policy (pdf 323 KB)



BYOD Student Agreement

Castle Hill High School's user agreement for the BYOD program.

BYOD Student Agreement (pdf 158 KB)



BYOD Software

Students can download Office 365 and Adobe Creative Suite for free by installing and signing in with their education account.

For more information about downloading and installing Adobe Creative Suite can be found below.

Adobe Creative Cloud for BYOD Students

The video below explains the steps for downloading and installing the BYOD software onto your device.