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Chemistry provides students with a contemporary understanding of the physical and chemical properties of substances and their interactions. Chemistry attempts to provide chemical explanations and to predict events at the atomic and molecular level. 

Students investigate natural and made substances, their structures, changes and environmental importance; they learn about the history and philosophy of science as it relates to Chemistry; students work individually and with others in practical, field and interactive media experiences related to chemistry; they undertake experiments and decide between competing theories.  They assess the impact of decisions based on an understanding of chemistry on society. 

The course builds on the foundations laid in Stage 5 Science, and recognises the fact that students bring a wide range of abilities, circumstances and expectations to the course.  This course requires a reasonable level of mathematical ability and a strong scientific literacy. 

Preliminary Course

  • The Chemical Earth
  • Metals 
  • Water 
  • Energy

HSC Course

Core Topics: 

  • The Identification and Production of Materials
  • The Acidic Environment
  • Chemical Monitoring and Management

One Option from the following:

  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Shipwrecks and Salvage
  • The Biochemistry of Movement
  • The Chemistry of Art
  • Forensic Chemistry

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