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In addition to our core PDHPE lessons where the focus in practical lessons is on skill development, improving game sense and awareness and developing team and cooperation skills and in the theory component the emphasis is on the recognition of risk and protective factors related to health and strategies to enhance the health and personal development of self and others, we currently run a comprehensive Physical Activity and Sport Studies (PASS) elective program where there are currently 7 classes in years 9 &10.

The PASS program for 2016 (may be subject to change) consists of;




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Senior PDHPE

The Year 11 and 12 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education course is a Board of Studies endorsed course currently containing 9 class classes. Areas of study include;

Preliminary Course

Core 1 -  Better Health for Individuals

- How healthy are we?

- How does health promotion improve our health?

Core 2 – The Body in Motion

  • Biomechanics
  • The relationship between training, fitness and movement efficiency

Option 1 – First Aid

- Students will obtain their senior first aid certificate.

Option 2 – Fitness Choices

  • Students experience a range of exercise options

HSC Course

Core 1 – Health Priorities in Australia

  • Examine the health status of Australians.
  • The role of the health care system in Australia

Core 2 – Factors Affecting Performance

- The role of training, psychology, nutrition and skill acquisition on performance

Option 1 – Sports Medicine

  • Sports injury classification and management
  • Sports taping

Option 2 –Health of Young People

  • How healthy are young people?

-   What are the major health issues that impact on young people