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CHHS Playground/Classroom Rules

Our Classroom Rules

  • Line up quietly outside the room until the teacher arrives.
  • Be on time for class.
  • Enter and leave the room quietly.
  • Be prepared for work.
  • Listen and follow teacher's instructions.
  • Concentrate on your work/learning.
  • Be polite to others.
  • Respect the rights of others to work/learn.
  • Respect the school's and other people's property.
  • Switch off and leave in your bags mobile phones and portable music players (eq. MP3/iPods) during and between lessons.
  • Leave in your bags food, make-up, and spray deodorants during and between lessons.
  • you may drink water from a clear, plastic water bottle

Do you best at all times

Our Playground Rules

  • Respect the rights of others to feel safe in the playground.
  • Listen and follow teacher's instructions.
  • Violence of any kind is unacceptable and this includes "Rumbling" and "Tackle Football".
  • Stay within the school grounds at all times.
  • Do not throw objects at others - this is dangerous.
  • Do not smoke on school property as this is illegal.
  • Place all rubbish in bin. It is the responsibility of ALL students and staff to keep the school environment clean and tidy.
  • Stay away from out of bounds areas.
  • Do not eat in buildings/corridors/multicourts.

All food is to be consumed outside.

In wet weather, leave corridors free of rubbish and food at the end of recess and lunch.