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Stage 6 Design and Technology

The study of Design and Technology Stage 6 develops conceptual understanding and enables students to creatively apply these to specific technological endeavours through design projects.  It also seeks to develop students' appreciation of the historical and cultural influences on design and the interrelationships of design, technology, society and the environment.

Design and Technology has a unique focus on creativity, innovation and the successful implementation of innovative ideas. Students will investigate the importance of evaluation, the role of computer-based technologies, management, communication and collaborative design, as well as exploring current and emerging technologies. Through the completion of quality design projects, students are provided with the opportunity to develop specific production and manufacturing skills.

Design and Technology is inclusive of the needs, interests and aspirations of all students. It provides opportunities for students to develop design projects in areas of individual interest, to discuss equity issues related to design, production and manufacturing in the Australian society and to consider careers in the fields of design and manufacturing.

Students will be given the opportunity to explore and develop technologies and demonstrate insight into the future uses of technology. They will articulate arguments on issues and consequences including environmental and social impacts. They will develop skills that are transferable and which lead to lifelong learning.

The innovative and creative ability of some past Design and Technology students can be seen below.