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Stage 6 Textiles and Design

The Textiles and Design Stage 6 course reflects the important role that textiles play in society. Students study how textiles protect, provide comfort, have social meaning, respond to cultural influences and perform a range of necessary functions in the textiles industry and other industries.

Students at Castle Hill High School study properties and performance, allowing students to make informed consumer choices in the textiles area. Technological and practical skills are developed and enhanced through the use of textile-related technologies, including those that are computer-based. The concept of design elements and principles, as being both functional and aesthetic and as part of the creative design process, are examined within the specialised field of textiles.

This course investigates textiles in society and promotes a greater understanding of the significance of different cultures and their specific use of textile materials. Study of the Indian culture is focused on over a prolonged period of time.

Students study and explore the ATCFAI in great detail and how it impacts on the Australian economy, including employment.

Students study 5 focus areas in which they select one of those for their Major Textiles Project.

Students choose from:

  • Costume
  • Textiles Arts
  • Apparel
  • Non apparel
  • Furnishings