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CHHS Smoking Policy

Smoking is banned at school.

Students in possession of cigarettes or in the company of students smoking, by association will also be considered as smokers.


Stage 1 – (First Notified Occurrence)

Student to be referred to the Deputy Principal.

Student given a copy of School Smoking Policy and parent is notified  


Stage 2 – (Second occurrence)

Student to be cautioned by Principal and letter sent to parent.


Stage 3 – (Third Occurrence)

Student to be suspended.  Counselling, parent interviews, new plan developed and contract not to smoke developed.


Stage 4 – (Fourth Occurrence)

Student to be suspended (repeat Stage 3) and parent and student given final caution re smoking.


Stage 5 – (Fifth Occurrence)

Students will enter into a long suspension.


The above stages form the School's Policy to notification by staff for repeated smoking offences over a period of approximately one year.  If there is a long time between offences then a particular step might be repeated.