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CHHS Computer Code of Behaviour

Computer Technology Code of Behaviour

The computer installations at Castle Hill High are a whole school resource for the use of all students and staff. To maintain peak operating efficiency the following Code of Behaviour must be followed by all users.

Your behaviour must:

Exhibit Integrity

  • Only use the computer installations for educational benefit, not personal or commercial purposes.
  • Don't load illegal copyright protected or pirated programs or games on school equipment.

Maintain the Schools Systems

  • Don't change any part of the school's network or operating systems.
  • Use all computer equipment carefully and maintain it for the common good.
  • Don't attempt to use any equipment you are not familiar with, ask for instruction.
  • Report all damage or vandalism to the teacher and computer coordinator.
  • Don't repair, relocate or remove any equipment without consulting the supervising member of staff.
  • Don't use a USB thumb drive from outside the school unless it has been virus checked.

Be Ethical and Socially Acceptable

No equipment should be used to create or access racist, pornographic, violent, illegal or socially unacceptable material. This includes using appropriate, non-abusive language during computer communication.

Acknowledge the source of any information copied from programs or accessed through the internet.

Maintain Personal and Institutional Privacy and Confidentiality

No person is to hack into the school files or those of another person.

School staff will monitor adherence to this Code of Behaviour and persons found to breach it in any way will lose their right to use school computer equipment and may be asked to make restitution for any damage done or inconvenience generated.