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Stage 6 Food Technology

The provision and consumption of food are significant activities of human endeavour, with vast resources being expended across domestic, commercial and industrial settings. Food issues have a constant relevance to life.

The syllabus provides students with a broad knowledge of food technology. The factors that influence food availability and selection are examined and current food consumption patterns in Australia investigated. Food handling is addressed with emphasis on ensuring safety and managing the sensory characteristics and functional properties of food to produce a quality product. The role of nutrition in contributing to the health of the individual and the social and economic future of Australia is explored. The structure of the Australian food industry is outlined and the operations of one organisation investigated. Production and processing practices are examined and their impact evaluated. The activities that support food product development are identified and the process applied in the development of a food product, including marketing. Contemporary nutrition issues are raised, investigated and debated. This knowledge enables students to make informed responses to changes in the production to consumption continuum and exert an influence on future developments in the food industry as educated citizens and in their future careers.

Opportunities exist for students to develop skills relating to food that are relevant and transferable to other settings. Such skills include the ability to research, analyse and communicate. Students also develop the capability and competence to experiment with and prepare food as well as design, implement and evaluate solutions to a range of food situations.

A considerable part of the course is theory based with practical lessons that are used to reflect information being studied in each unit and steadily build upon theoretical knowledge and practical skills over the two year period.

The focus areas covered over the course

Year 11 Preliminary course:-

  • Food Availability and Selection
  • Food Quality
  • Nutrition

HSC course:

  • The Australian Food Industry
  • Food Manufacture
  • Food Product Development
  • Contemporary Nutrition Issues