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The HSIE (Human Society and Its Environment) faculty introduces students to the humanities and social sciences. Our faculty offers a broad range of subjects:

Year Level

Subject(s) offered

7 (Stage 4)

Mandatory World History

8 (Stage 4)

Mandatory World Geography

9 and 10 (Stage 5)

Mandatory Stage 5 Geography and History.

Elective options - Commerce and elective History

11/12 (Stage 6)

Economics, Ancient History, Modern History, History Extension, Business Studies, Accelerated Business Studies, Geography, Legal Studies, and Society and Culture

To support our studies in HSIE, students are provided with a variety of learning experiences. Lessons are increasingly being developed to assist students to develop the 21st century skills of collaboration and creativity. This approach has been supported by the establishment of a flexible learning space and facilities for team teaching of classes.  Students are also offered the opportunity to participate in a range of excursions like:

  • Junior History - medieval feasts, pirate day, Castle Hill cemetery, parliament house in Canberra, simulated WW1 battle, Anzac Day camping in Centennial Park and an archaeological dig
  • Junior Geography – Minumurra Rainforest, World Heritage Sites in the Blue Mountains, Canberra, and urban and/or coastal environments to undertake a research action plan
  • Commerce- The law courts, the Police and Justice Museum, local police incursions, participation in the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) game, and running small businesses for the Castle Hill High School Market Day in Term 4.

These learning experiences are delivered by a stable and experienced staff. Many team members have been HSC markers and a number currently work as supervising markers for the HSC.