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Our International Students

Below are a few comments from some of our international students:

Having moved to Australia to study, I first had to cope with a sudden shift of culture, language and relationships before I was able to realise my academic dreams and achieve personal growth. My accomplishments today would not have been possible, had it not been for the kindness and competence of the staff at Castle Hill High School, who supported me throughout my three years of Australian education. I graduated high school with an ATAR of 94.25, having been awarded a HSC Certificate of Excellence for achieving top mark in Persian Background Speakers and later the 2015 School Service Award for International Students. In addition, I had the privilege of serving the community as a prefect in my final year of high school. Moving to Australia was a difficult decision, made rewarding by the numerous opportunities given to me at Castle Hill High.       

Rouz, Iran       

My time at CHHS has been an important experience for both me and all the people I've met here. Teachers and students have been really welcoming and friendly since my first day. I'm going to miss the atmosphere of this school.

- Ilaria, Italy

I really like this school. The teachers are wonderful and the students are friendly, I will never forget my experience at Castle Hill High School.

 -Perrine, France

Castle Hill Welcomes International Students!

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